We connect you with solar companies that actually care

GA Solar Energy Specialists connects you with full-service providers of renewable energy, offering complete solar installation with specialized designs, exceptional solar products from leading manufacturers, and highly professional and efficient solar installation services. 

We are a referral service helping homeowners and business owners connect with solar partners who treat each customer like it’s their last. 

Many of our partners have been in business for years, and have installed hundreds of solar panels throughout the state of Georgia. 

On this website, we share information about government incentives, environmental advantages, and specifics of all solar options you have in front of you to in order for you to learn how to fully take advantage of the sunlight we’re all given plenty of. 

Our partners will help you design a high-performing solar panel system for your home that will maximize the return on your investment while being the most sustainable source of energy you can possibly use.

Build a sustainable source of electricity

Help the Environment

Go solar and support your local community, state, country, and the world. Solar is renewable and it doesn’t release any pollutants while being converted into electricity.

Save Money

Solar energy is a wise financial investment. By utilizing solar equipment, you’ll be able to offset your utility bills and consistently pay less for electricity.

Claim the Tax Benefits

Enjoy a 26% federal tax credit that’s currently available for solar energy systems. Learn more about Georgia solar incentives.

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