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GA Solar Energy Specialists connects you with the leading solar energy companies in Atlanta, Georgia. Our services include solar panel installation and solar battery storage installation

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What can residential solar bring you? 

Uhh, where do we even start…

You can save money on your electricity bills, increase the value of your home, and sell it faster. Most importantly, it reduces your carbon footprint and increases your commitment to environmental stewardship.

Same applies if you’re a business wishing to install solar panels on your commercial property.  

With quite a bit of Atlanta solar panel installations under our partners’ belts, their teams of solar panel installers is dedicated to assisting homeowners in their transition to sustainable and eco-friendly solar power generation, which begins with high-quality solar panels and a high-quality solar panel installation service. 

They’ll be along your side throughout the entire process, from permitting to installation and inspections.

Why Install Solar Panels in Atlanta, Georgia?

We highly encourage you to explore solar as a cost-effective and ecologically beneficial source of energy, whether you’re a homeowner, a commercial property manager, or a constructor developing a new project in Atlanta.

We would be pleased to walk you through the many perks and incentives available to you with solar panels in Atlanta, GA.

Tax Credit for Solar Energy

Federal solar tax credit has been around for some time, and it allows you to claim a percentage of your solar panel installation costs as a tax credit

Until very recently, the credit equaled 26%, and it was set to expire in 2024. However, thanks to the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the credit was extended and increased to 30%, which will last until 2032. After that, it will drop to 26% in 2033 and then again to 22% in 2034. 

To keep it simple, if you were to install solar panels in Atlanta today for a price of $15,000, you would be able to claim around $5,000 as a tax credit.

Net Metering

If your solar panels generate more energy than you need, you can sell that energy to your utility company in exchange for credits that can be applied to your upcoming utility bill. 

Net metering allows solar panel owners to earn credits for excess energy sent to the grid, which offsets their grid usage when their panels are not producing power. 

Solar Panels Increase Home Value

Multiple studies show that solar panels can improve the value of your house. For starters, every dollar you save with your Atlanta solar panels will equate to $20 of an increased value of your home, according to NREL. So, let’s say your solar system saves around $500 per year – that’s an increased home value of $10,000. 

Also, according to Zillow, homes with residential solar panel systems sell for more. And lastly, another study by NREL shows that homes with installed solar panels sell 20% faster.

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residential solar panels
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Solar Easements Act

Georgia’s Solar Easements Act prevents others from performing an action that will in any way affect your solar panels negatively. 

For example, let’s say that your neighbor wants to install some kind of object on their property that would block the sunlight from reaching your Atlanta solar panels. 

The law would protect you in this case, and your neighbor wouldn’t be able to install that object. This means that the state of Georgia sees immense value in solar panels and prevents anyone from affecting their performance.

Quick Payback Period

Because Atlanta solar panels can help reduce your electricity bills and they come with tax incentives, their payback period is very short! Solar panels will pay for themselves in as little as 12 years. 

And when you consider the fact that Atlanta solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years, this means that you’ll be profiting from your solar panels for about 12-15 years.

More Affordable than Ever

Solar panels have dropped in price considerably over the last five years, making now the best time to switch to solar energy in Atlanta before the federal incentives expire. 

Furthermore, solar panel technology has never been better, with the highest efficiency for turning sunlight into electricity and solar battery choices that make using Atlanta solar panels to power your home even more efficient.

Solar Energy is Renewable

In one hour, enough sunlight hits the Earth to power the entire planet for a year! And the sun is not going away any time soon. 

We relieve pressure on power grids that do not use renewable energy sources when we use solar energy.

Solar Energy Reduces Pollution

Solar power systems do not emit any compounds that are harmful to the environment or our health. Coal, oil, and other fossil fuels emit dangerous greenhouse gases that deplete the ozone layer, contribute to global warming, and pollute our local air. 

You are not relying on energy sources that are harmful to the environment or human health by using solar power. Electricity and heat production are the largest sources of global greenhouse emissions. And we all know who is responsible for that, don’t we?

Solar Energy Reduces Water Use

Although hydropower and nuclear power are both renewable energy sources, they both require a large amount of water to generate electricity. 

Furthermore, hydropower usually necessitates the construction of dams, which alter the local natural ecosystem and destroy land-based habitats.

Solar energy systems do not require any water to operate and are typically installed on existing buildings, so no additional land is required.

And while nothing is perfect and it’s true that solar energy also has its flaws, most of which come from the manufacturing of solar panels, when you compare those effects to the effects of non-renewable energy usage, it’s pretty clear who the winner is.

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Solar Panel Installation in Atlanta, GA

If you’re looking for a solar panel installer in Atlanta that you can rely on, look no further. 

GA Solar Energy Specialists has teams of solar panel installation experts who have been performing solar panel installation services in Atlanta for years, serving many homeowners in the process and providing them with the highest quality solar panels.

Best Solar Energy Company in Atlanta, GA

You may be wondering – why trust GA Solar Energy Specialists with solar panel installation in Atlanta, Georgia? 

GA Solar Energy Specialists helps homeowners throughout the entire state of Georgia with solar panels, solar panel installation, obtaining permits for solar panels, maintaining solar panels, and saving the most money possible with solar panels by connecting them with qualified professionals who know the ins and outs of all of these processes. 

We are also actively engaged in educating homeowners about the environmental impact that solar panels in Atlanta have, as you could clearly see earlier.

Solar Batteries in Atlanta, Georgia

Until recently, most solar panels installed on residences were simple grid-tied systems. Because of their low cost, they provide the quickest payback. 

These systems, however, turn off when the utility grid goes down, and they don’t provide backup power. 

People are increasingly considering installing solar batteries in Atlanta, Georgia as an add-on to their solar systems to provide backup power in the event that the electric grid goes down. 

Those who want to minimize their electricity savings and protect their energy source from potential blackouts and time-of-use pricing might consider solar battery storage in Atlanta.

Solar battery storage is getting increasingly popular year by year as more and more homeowners pair up their solar panel systems with battery storage. While this pairing is still in its early stages, it is expected to grow significantly over the upcoming years. 

Over 29% of all new behind-the-meter solar systems will be paired with storage by 2025, up from less than 11% in 2021. The utility-scale market is also recognizing the benefits of combining solar and storage, with over 45 GW of projects commissioned or announced that include storage, totaling more than 50 GWh of storage capacity.

To put this number into perspective, 45 GW is enough to power around 33,750,000 homes. 

So, get your solar panel + battery systems installed today by giving us a call!

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